The Cyclone Kid

The Cyclone Kid

The Cyclone Kid

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Travis is a veteran of Desert Storm. He saved his service money to buy a gold claim in an isolated basin bisected by Cyclone Creek. He learns he has a son he never knew existed. 

In Boston, a 16 year old boy brought up in an affluent home where he was pampered, coddled and educated at the Prentis Lloyd Academy for Sons of the Social Elite, never knew anything of his father.

 Thrown together by tragedy, the boy is sent to Colorado to be under the custody of a stranger. 

The two are polar opposites of one another. Somehow, they must come to terms with each other. 

Can the boy learn what it means to become a man in the rugged claim at Cyclone Creek? 

Can the man, rugged as the Rocky Mountains, learn what it means to be a father? 

Will they find a way to bond as father and son? 

Or will two murderous escaped prisoners hiding out in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness be their bloodly end? 

Read The CYCLONE KID today!

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