Naked Came The Hunter

Naked Came The Hunter

Naked Came The Hunter

Available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover

Naked Came The Hunter

A man is found by hikers. He is badly mauled and very near death. They carry him to their community where a retired trauma surgeon and a former nurse practitioner work to keep him alive. 

When he regains consciousness, he learns his skull is fractured, causing a severe concussion, which leaves him with amnesia. His ribs are broken, and his left lung was punctured. 

A precocious 6 year old pitches in to help his recovery and constant companion. 

Convinced he must be hallucinating, he wonders why none of his rescuers do not wear clothing.... at all... 

As his healing progresses, he learns he is being cared for by members of the Eagle Mountain Naturist Resort. It is a community of nudists living in their enclave in a West Virginia forest. 

Not only must he heal from his injuries, and amnesia, he must also cope with significant culture shock.  

The question becomes who, or what, attacked him and left him for dead in the forest above the enclave. And is there a threat to the community itself. 

This novel is a mystery/suspense tale with an unusual setting for the story. 

NOTE: This novel presents naturism as it is practiced by the American Association of Nude Recreationn (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS). This novel presents the reader with an accurate understanding of naturism, devoid of any stereotyping. 

This novel has no sexuality in it, just as true of naturism isn't about sex. It is not pornographic in any way, as that is contrary to naturist ideals and philosophy. 

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